Why Boho Chic Fashion Is So Popular

Why Boho Chic Fashion Is So Popular

While boho chic initially seemed like one of those trends that would come and go, it’s managed to stick around for a very long time. Why have these dresses stayed on trend while so many other looks from the time have fallen out of fashion? If you keep reading, you will learn exactly why these looks are so popular.

      1. They’re Comfortable

A lot of styles are something that people are only willing to put up with for so long. Women will rock an uncomfortable trend for one season, but when the next season rolls around, they are going to put those clothes away and try out something else.

However, the clothing tends to be extremely comfortable which makes boho chic fashion popular (read more here). It consists of loose and flowing materials that don’t cling tightly to the body. When you put on an outfit like this, you won’t be itching to change out of your clothes at the end of the day. You’ll be happy to wear them around.

      1. They’re Romantic

A lot of women want to add more romance to their day-to-day life. One of the best ways to do that is by dressing in a romantic style. Boho looks are very stylish, and they can be incredibly romantic.

A lot of boho dresses bear a resemblance to the gowns you’d see on a princess. However, these dresses don’t feel stuffy or overly twee. They look like something that an everyday woman could wear and enjoy.

      1. They Work For Many Different Body Types

A lot of fashion is designed for women that are very thin, or women who have a classic hourglass body type. However, boho looks can work on any women.

Because boho looks aren’t form fitting, you don’t need to be thin to pull them off. These styles can work on any body.

You can keep wearing your favorite boho pieces even if you’ve gained some weight. A lot of these looks are extremely forgiving. You can keep on looking amazing in your favorite boho styles as your body changes.

      1. They Work In Different Seasons

Boho is perfect for summer; you can wear maxi dresses from June to September. Boho is great for fall; earth tones are the perfect things to wear as the leaves begin to fall. Boho looks can work very well in spring and winter as well. It’s clear that these styles are something that you can wear year round.

One of the reasons that boho chic fashion has managed to endure is that it’s always appropriate to wear. When there is snow on the ground, you can just pair your favorite boho dress with boots and a warm sweater. You will be toasty and you’ll look fantastic.

A lot of trendy pieces can wind up being a waste of your money. Thankfully, boho chic fashion is here to stay. Don’t worry about splurging on a draped top or a new max dress. You’ll be able to keep wearing and enjoying those pieces for many years to come.

How to Choose the Right Shoes – An Essential Guide for Men

It is said that you can judge a man by his shoes. Footwear, especially shoes, are a piece of attire that we cannot do without. They are not a fashion statement, but rather a necessity. Most men care very little about this type of footwear, since they are only worn for work settings or for occasional social engagements. A research study recently found that footwear is one of the first things that women notice when they meet a man. So, even if you are not bothered much about this part of your outfit, it is time to start caring. In this case, here are some tips that might be of help.

How to Choose the Right Shoes

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The price of mens shoes varies according to the style and the brand. As always, the higher the price, the better the product will be. Prior to the purchase, it is essential for you to do some quick research. This will enable you to understand whether the brand offers value for money or not. It is important to keep in mind that investing in such footwear is never just an ephemeral purchase. It is a long-term investment that will benefit you for many years.


The shoe you wear must complement your trousers and vice versa. If you are pairing broad shoes with skinny or slim-fitting trousers, your footwear will look clunky. So, make sure to keep this in mind when you are choosing the welting style. Usually, black is the go-to color when it comes to formal footwear. However, in the recent years, formal footwear is being produced in many bright colors, especially in brown. Synchronizing the shade of your footwear with your belt color is considered to be quite a dashing fashion statement.


The best fit for any type of footwear will have some room for you to wiggle your toes. Sometimes, formal footwear can be a lot longer than casual ones. As long as it feels comfortable, this is nothing to be concerned about. When going shopping, it is best to do the fit-on in the evening. Since our feet have a tendency to swell naturally through the day, an evening fit-on will enable you to find the right pair. Formal footwear, especially ones made of leather, will take some time to get used to. Although it may feel tight, the leather will soften and fit to the shape of your feet.


The best way to enhance the lifetime of your footwear is to use the right caring products. Maintaining the appearance of your shoes is not a time-consuming task. Firstly, you need to remove any dust or mud off the footwear. Then, apply a small amount of wax polish or leather cleanser. Polish the item with a clean piece of cloth. Let it dry in sunlight for best effect. If you follow this ritual on a regular basis, you have got nothing to worry about.

Now that you know the right way to make a shoe purchase, make sure to follow these guidelines the next time you go shopping. This will enable you to pick footwear that will fit your size, style, and budget.

7 Ways to Repurpose Flowers to Something Truly Beautiful

7 Ways to Repurpose Flowers to Something Truly BeautifulHave you ever wondered what happens to the flowers that you receive from your loved ones? Most of them are left unattended for several days and once it starts to dry down they are eventually thrown in the dustbin. Isn’t it sad? Well, we have browsed the web and have come up with some great ways to repurpose those dried flowers and put them for some good use.

If you have ever seen beauty and beast, it will be easy for you to recognize it. You can encase these dried flowers in a jar and place these gorgeous looking flowers in your living room area, making it a great centrepiece for the occasion.

A dried flower drop will make a great décor for your room especially during spring. You can arrange these dried flowers in vertical lines. It will surely catch many eyeballs for everyone who visits your home. The backdrop will look quite colorful and attractive, making it look perfect for every occasion.

When monsoon strikes, you want your linen to remain fresh and fragrant and for all those moments it is best to create scented spray. The mild fragrance of the spray will surely make you feel fresh and light.

Dried flowers are perfect for any form of cleanser too. How about making some homemade soaps? It’s not rocket science all you need is some oats, honey and marigold all of which are simply great for cleaning your skin and oats being a great ingredient for exfoliation turns out to be simply amazing for your skin.

Have you ever thought of floral confetti which comprises of all the dried flowers which is must have for every party. For outdoor parties, weddings, baby shower and even casual dine out too.

If you are creative then it will not come as a surprise to you that dried flowers can be used for perfect manicures too. They not only look great but at the same time are way too classy to look.

Dried flowers are also used to make a classy phone cover. Incorporating these flowers on your phone case is the best way to have these flowers by your side when they are given to you by someone special.

Now, you will not give a second thought to send flowers to Bangalore to your girlfriend because it is not a total waste after they have dried down. They can be put to many uses rather than throwing them in dustbin.

What to Wear to a Summer Music Festival?

Summer is a time for sunglasses, holidays and above all else, music festivals. There are lots of them happening this summer across both the UK and Ireland including concerts, outdoor music festivals and entertainment events. Some of the biggest events include the likes of Coachella and Glastonbury. Despite the fact that most people associate summer with, well, the sun, living in the UK means never really being able to rely on those glorious sun rays when we need them most. But don’t worry, we have included this list of summer music festival tips to coincide with such matters, ensuring that you are always prepared for the best…and the worst:

What to Wear to a Summer Music Festival

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Bring a Coat

You can’t attend a music festival without some form of a coat. It’s just not possible. This is especially true if you are attending an event where the guests all camp out on the wet grass at night. It is likely that you are going to experience your fair share of rain, mud and wind. Bring a coat to help ease some of the stresses of this troublesome weather.

Boots and Wellies

Festivals are muddy places. This is mainly because of the large number of people who attend festivals, all of them are kicking up dirt when they walk, and this turns to mud once the rain starts. Protect your feet from that awful squishy feeling that comes when your feet and socks are drenched. A good pair of boots will go a long way, allowing you to enjoy the music in a more practical manner.

Quality Jeans

Skip the denim shorts, there’s no telling how cold it’s going to get out there. Instead, opt for a pair of women’s designer jeans from Cuba. They will see you through the entire concert in comfort and style. Pair your jeans with a cute leather jacket or opt for the leather pants with a denim jacket look for ultimate festival fashion.

Safe Tights

Despite the fact that it’s probably going to be freezing cold and the rain will fall like pellets, some people just can’t resist letting their legs breathe in a festival. That’s all well and good, but what are you going to do when it starts bucketing? The Telegraph advises that you take a handy pair of tights with you to slip on when things get a little chilly.

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